Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do we parents do all that we do?

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As a child I always said that I would let my children do what ever they wanted to. I would not get mad for anything they did that others would think was wrong and I would not punish them.

As I have grown out of my childhood days, I see myself doing everything that I once said I would never. I scold resonably, I punish with in terms of fault, I yell at very damaging things that have been done and so on and so on. Now, I sit almost every night and ask myself, 'Why did I get so upset about this or why did I have to punish for that?'

If it were me as a child, it would have been a worse punishment than what I gave to my children, but all the same, I ask why I had to punish?

Today's society basically tells us that our children have to be well behaved and mild tempered or they are ADD or, I have a 9 year old son that DOES have ADHD and it is a struggle daily. I mean, if it isn't going his way, it isn't going anyway at all. I handle this in the best way I possibly know how and things turn around in a few minutes but in a few minutes more, we are struggling again.

This question is not about all of the above though, this question is more in tell with the parents more than with our children.


As a child, I never sat around wondering what my parents were or were not getting, I was out acting like a princess locked in a tower, (TRUE STORY of course) and now I know that they were the ones thinking about me and what I was doing, thinking and reacting to at that time.

I am a full time Business Woman, full time MOMMY of three amazing children, full time writer that has a mission to go along with it...( ), full time wife, full time maid (only at home, not my job at all, although there is nothing wrong with it...I have cleaned houses for a living before), full time on and so on again...

How do we do it? I organize, plan ahead, destress my self with hot showers and keep on going, but by the end of the night, I am exhausted and give out before I get to, usually, 2 of these things above...wifey and writing...and these are two of the things that came first...

Boy, did my parents mean it when they said that having children changes sure has for me.

I am asking now how you do it as a parent. Maybe some of your techniques will help me in my daily life...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today is my Tomorrow...

Hey there ALL! ITs finally Saturday and I am off to River Ranch for the "Walk a mile in her shoes" Fundraiser! I am gathering my three young ones, packing a full day's bag and off we all go! I am so excited to go and see all the brave men of Lafayette and surrounding areas coming out in their pretty red heels, or pumps...which ever....:)

After that, I will be coming home to enjoy the remainder of the day outside and possibly do a bit of writing on New Days while the youngins' play in the back yard...It is such a pretty day here.

I hope to see you all at the Fundraiser if you are local and if not, you are more than welcome to donate through the site below...

AND DON'T FORGET...My mission to HELP THOSE WHO HELP OTHERS is still on going and there are only 78 days left to donate to American Red Cross by the purchase of my book MIND...see MY MISSION Blog for more info or go to

Friday, April 16, 2010

Balloon LOVE

I have just completed my possible first Children's book! I am so excited about this one. It is James Peter Strivalski telling his touching story about being adopted by two wonderful people, Mr. and Mrs. Strider. I am including a piece of it, but I will have it as an EBook before long...and published hopefully by the end of Summer 2010.

ME :)

Today, Tomorrow and Then...

Today I don't see a bunch of much going on in my town of Lafayette. We have Downtown Alive and then night clubs will be kicking up after, but at home I will be and there I will stay.
Tomorrow shows to be a promising one for local rape victims. Over at River Ranch, they are holding a fundraiser for the Non-Profit Organization for local men to go and 'Walk a mile in HER shoes'. All men, women and children are welcomed to go and all of the men will be in their nicest shoes and heels to parade around in relief efforts to STOP RAPE! Also, 15% of funds made from the food and drink purchases will go to this organization.
Walk a Mile in her Shoes, fundraiser





Thanks for following this big town, full-time career woman, full-time mother of three and full-time writer! do I do all of that!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Days

Hey there! I am currently working on my newest book 'New Days'. Let me know what you think!

Mr. and Mrs. Senita are preparing for their three week trip around the world when suddenly...tragedy strikes! Mrs. Caroline Senita was murdered! Rather than searching for the attacker that has stollen his love away from him, Mr. Donald Senita decides to retire from his long teaching career and take this trip and find a place to retire to...long away from the tragedy of his life. But, he doesn't go alone...He takes Cindie. A distant friend of the old couple that they have known for a short time, but short enough to be intrigued by her. Now on the venture around the world, the twosome visits some extraordinary places indeed. Mysteriously though, on the second to last stop before deciding where he will retire, Mr. Donald runs into an old priest of sorts. This priest, Gaba, promises Mr. Donald that he can bring back his dear Caroline...
If I go any further...well then I may just spoil the whole outline for you!

Hope you enjoyed and again, I would like to hear your comments!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upcoming STORIES


Take a look at my upcoming books via the upcoming tab on my site:

Can't wait for them all to be published, just so I can hear your responses! Hope to hear what you all think of MIND so far!