Friday, April 9, 2010

My New Days

Hey there! I am currently working on my newest book 'New Days'. Let me know what you think!

Mr. and Mrs. Senita are preparing for their three week trip around the world when suddenly...tragedy strikes! Mrs. Caroline Senita was murdered! Rather than searching for the attacker that has stollen his love away from him, Mr. Donald Senita decides to retire from his long teaching career and take this trip and find a place to retire to...long away from the tragedy of his life. But, he doesn't go alone...He takes Cindie. A distant friend of the old couple that they have known for a short time, but short enough to be intrigued by her. Now on the venture around the world, the twosome visits some extraordinary places indeed. Mysteriously though, on the second to last stop before deciding where he will retire, Mr. Donald runs into an old priest of sorts. This priest, Gaba, promises Mr. Donald that he can bring back his dear Caroline...
If I go any further...well then I may just spoil the whole outline for you!

Hope you enjoyed and again, I would like to hear your comments!

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